Kevin's love for art and design began early in his childhood years. Before Photoshop edits were a popular trend of social media, he spent his time making wallpapers of the latest movie or sports superstar with primitive photo manipulation software. While the designs left much to be desired, the fire had been ignited and he knew art and design was a passion he needed to pursue.

He was fortunate enough to attend Middle Creek High School in Apex, North Carolina, where he was able to explore video production, graphic design, and art every day through a series of independent studies and classes. During his junior year, North Carolina’s first student-run play-by-play podcast, The Sports Block, was started by a group of Middle Creek digital media students and Kevin quickly became involved. Throughout his senior year, he would start my day at 6 a.m., co-producing and co-hosting a student-run radio show that was broadcasted over the internet. I addition to those duties, his final class was an advanced studies digital media class where I was able to further practice with more advanced, industry standard, software and methods.

By the middle of his senior year, he had decided that his dream was to attend NC State’s College of Design and pursue a degree in Graphic Design—a program that admitted about twenty students annually. Although that dream never came to fruition, it led him to pursue design through other avenues that would continue to mold him as a designer and creative. Between that time and graduation, he took every internship possible—from photography for a scarf and shawl company, to a production internship with the Carolina Hurricanes where he had the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest design minds in the Raleigh area.

In the spring of 2012, he took a multimedia internship with USA Baseball in Durham where he cut highlights and features at events and national team games. Kevin was fortunate enough to accept a full-time position to lead the newly formed digital media team shortly after. It was only then that he was able to work with video, web, graphic design, and photography on a daily basis.

Today, Kevin serves as the creative director of the full-service, in-house creative department.  Every visual need for the organization flowing through the department at some point. Typical projects include signage, social media graphics, event logos, gameday programs, email marketing, and video. USAB even staffs multiple photographers at each event to sell action photography to participants and their families.

Kevin lives in Apex, North Carolina with his wife Catherine, their son Gray, and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Elle.